Car Safety Tips for Spring Break Travel


Spring break is upon us, which means school is out! This time of year is highly anticipated by students of all ages. For an entire week there are no exams, quizzes, and lectures, and that means more time in the sun with friends. For students heading somewhere far away that requires a plane trip, there is little to stress about minus the occasional delay. However, some students opt for the road trip with friends, sometimes travelling more than 14 hours to reach their spring break destinations.

Students that are driving long distances face many dangers, including distractions in the car, fatigue and of course, the regular car maintenance issues. The following tips can prevent potential accidents on the road:

  • Make sure to inspect the vehicle being used for travel before leaving. You need to check the tire pressure, engine, brakes, fluids, etc. Anything can happen when you are on the road, from getting a flat tire to your engine overheating. While you cannot always anticipate these things, do your best to prevent obvious hazards, such as engine check signals and low tread on tires. Be prepared for any mishaps and keep an emergency road kit in your car with spare tires, jumper cables, and any other necessary equipment you may need.
  • 8488072162_fc9168fdc0_zCreate a driving plan and rotate drivers every couple of hours. Driver fatigue is dangerous and should be avoided. It can be quite difficult to fight off feelings of drowsiness. If you or another driver starts to feel their eyelids getting heavy or experiences uncontrollable yawning, these are signs it is time to switch who is in the driver’s seat. Never allow all passengers to doze off and leave the driver without company. Sometimes simple conversation can prevent the driver from becoming too exhausted and falling asleep at the wheel.
  • Everyone that will be driving needs to have a valid driver’s license. The vehicle’s registration and insurance should be kept in a convenient place. Before you head out, make sure that stickers, registration and insurance are not expired. Getting stopped by law enforcement in a foreign place without the proper identification and forms can be an unnecessary headache you do not want to deal with.
  • Do not keep valuables in your car for an extended period of time. People will be more inclined to break into your vehicle if they spot valuable items sitting on the seat, like wallets, phones and laptops. Make sure when you haul these items in your car, that you secure them somewhere out of sight when you have to leave your vehicle for a food or bathroom break. Locking your vehicle is the best way to protect your belongings. Do not leave your windows open enough for anyone to stick their hands in.

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