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We are officially 1 month into 2018! With a new year, comes resolutions and vows for change. With that said, after the holidays, divorce filings increase. Most divorces come after the winter holidays and summer vacation, according to a U.S. study of 15 years of data from Washington state.

  • With January over, if you are one of those couples that has decided to call it quits, there are several things you can do that may make your divorce go smoothly, such as:
  • Give your social media accounts a rest. If you cannot deactivate altogether, then watch what you post since every little update can be used in the divorce proceedings.
  • Learn about the basics of divorce in Florida. Our Citrus County Family Law Attorneys at Whittel & Melton cna certainly walk you through everything and makes sure you understand the difference between a contested vs. uncontested divorce, answer questions about child custody and child support issues, and help you determine if your case involves spousal support or alimony.
  • Get your financial assets in order before starting the divorce process. Division of property and assets is a hotly contested issue in many divorces, so gather all documents related to you and your spouse’s financials like end-of-year pay stubs, the previous year’s tax return, bank statements, credit card bills and even credit reports. Ending a marriage is usually not easy, so we recommend for each person to focus on what they need to take care of themselves financially and emotionally during this process. Again, our Citrus County Divorce Lawyers at Whittel & Melton can help you prepare for filing for divorce.

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