Prevent Burn Injuries from Outdoor Grilling this Summer in Dunnellon


Now that summer is underway, barbecue season has officially started for many Citrus County residents. While grilling outside with friends and family is usually a good time, it is important to highlight the dangers that outdoor grills pose to you and your loved ones. Anytime you fire up the grill there is a high risk for burn injuries and fire hazards, especially throughout the peak barbecue months of June and July. Nearly 16,000 people were treated for burn injuries caused by grilling accidents in 2011, according to the National Fire Prevention Association. In that same year, grilling mishaps also caused 8,600 house fires, killing 10 people and costing more than $75 million in property damage.

It is important to be aware that grill accidents can lead to very serious personal injuries that require costly medical attention and lengthy hospital stays. You don’t want you or those closest to you to wind up getting injured, and you certainly do not want to burn your house down while charbroiling your meats and vegetables this summer, so follow these safety tips to prevent accidents from occurring:

• Always grill outdoors and make sure the grill is at a safe distance from buildings, patio covers and all other things that could be flammable.

• Once you have found a good location for your grill, mark a safe distance around it so that children understand it is a danger zone and should not enter the space. Always warn small children about the dangers of getting too close to a hot grill. Likewise, protect your pets and keep them secured and away from the grill.

1086988_barbecue.jpg• Before lighting the grill, check for gas grill leaks. To do this, just apply a small amount of soapy water to the fuel line. If you see any bubbles, then there is a leak.

• When grilling, make sure to use fire retardant mitts to keep your hands safe from the flames and use long-handled tools that are specifically designed for grilling purposes.

• Make sure you store propane tanks properly. Store tanks in an upright position and place them in a cool spot that is situated away from the hot summer sun.

Grill explosions can result in severe burns that require extensive medical treatment. Grill injuries can arise because of a design defect in the grill, a malfunction in the grill or a problem with the propane tank. Regardless, burn injuries may require skin grafting and other costly, painful treatments. Depending on the severity of injury and the degree of burns, injury victims will likely need long term care.

If a defective grill or propane tank results in a burn injury, the manufacturer or distributor can be held accountable for damages. If you or a loved one has suffered a grill injury in Dunnellon, Homosassa or any surrounding areas, please contact a Citrus County Burn Accident Injury Attorney at Whittel & Melton for a free consultation online or call 352-726-0078. We will fight aggressively to hold responsible parties accountable for your losses and will stop at nothing to recover the maximum financial compensation you are entitled to.

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