Several Reasons Why Your Airbags May Not Deploy During an Inverness Auto Accident


Most drivers today feel confident driving around in their cars because they feel much safer knowing that they have the protection of airbags should they become involved in a collision. Airbags have been proven to prevent serious injuries and save lives. However, sometimes airbags do not always deploy during a collision. Does this mean your airbags failed? Not always. Just because an airbag does not deploy during an accident does not mean it is defective.

There are several reasons why your airbags may not work as expected, such as:

850338_airbag.jpg1. Speed and Force of Impact. It may be shocking to find this out, but airbags are not designed to deploy during every accident. They are actually only designed to deploy at a certain speed. Why? Airbags that deploy during low speed collisions can actually deliver more harm to the driver than the collision itself.

2. Angle and Direction of Accident. Most cars are outfitted with multiple airbags. These may only deploy during certain types of accidents. In fact, these airbags are only designed to deploy during the accidents that they will be needed for. So, if an accident occurs at an angle, there may not be enough change of speed to trigger the airbags.

3. Sensors on Passenger Seats. Many vehicles have sensors in them that can detect if a passenger is sitting on the seat. If there is no passenger seated, then the passenger airbag will not deploy during a crash. However, if the sensor has malfunctioned, the airbag may fail to deploy even if there is someone sitting in the front passenger seat. One important thing to note is that these sensors cannot always detect children, so it is best to have kids ride in the backseat for every trip.

4. Timing. If you are involved in a multiple vehicle collision, and a minor crash is followed immediately by a major crash, the airbag may not deploy for the greater impact.

While airbags may not always work as we expect them to, they are designed to decrease the risk of serious injury in an auto accident. If you or someone you care for was injured in an auto accident as the result of an airbag issue, we encourage you to contact a Citrus County Auto Accident Attorney at Whittel & Melton. You may be entitled to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering through a personal injury lawsuit.

If you have been injured in an Inverness car accident, contact us today online or dial 352-726-0078 for a free initial consultation. We can examine the facts of your case and obtain the answers you deserve.

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