Citrus County Deputies Save Child from Near-Drowning in Family Pool


A group of Citrus County deputies have been declared heroes after they saved a little boy who almost died in a family pool.

173587681_fb272e2cd1_zReports indicate that deputies were called to a Crystal River home July 4th weekend to help revive a 4-year-old boy who ended up in the family pool. The family was able to pull the boy out, but he didn’t have a pulse.

One of the deputies started doing CPR, and the boy got a pulse back as other deputies arrived. They eventually got him coughing and breathing again.

The boy spent the night in a local hospital and was released the next day.

Near drowning injuries can be devastating for a family. These accidents can cause serious injuries that can involve a lengthy recovery or permanent disability, both of which have a huge impact on the victim as well as the family.The consequences of a near drowning accident can affect the victim’s respiratory system, and being deprived of oxygen can result in mild to serious brain damage.

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