Child Bit by Dog at Homosassa Flea Market


569002_boston_terrier_pup.jpgA child was bit on the neck by a dog at a booth in a Homosassa flea market Saturday.

According to reports, the dog, described as a Boston Terrier, was with an older woman and a young couple. The child asked to pet the dog, and when the child bent down the dog snapped at her, biting her neck.

The dog and its owners apparently fled the scene immediately after.

Citrus County Animal Services is currently looking for the dog and its owners.
If the dog is not located, the girl will have to receive a series of rabies shots.

When a dog bites a person, especially a child, this can be an extremely traumatic experience that may result in serious personal injuries. Many victims of dog bites are placed at increased risk for developing an infection and left to suffer from nerve damage and permanent scarring. Often, there is psychological harm that remains with a child dog bite victim that exceeds any physical personal injury.

Florida law has zero tolerance for aggressive dogs. Whether a dog is a first time offender or a habitual biter, if a person is injured by a dog the owner may be held responsible for medical treatment, lost wages, pain and suffering, including psychological suffering, and property damage.

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