Citrus County Man Killed in Motorcycle Collision


188095_how_to_tip_in_an_sv650.jpgA 61-year-old Citrus Springs, Florida man was killed Monday night after police claim he lost control of his motorcycle and slammed into two telephone poles.

The Citrus County man was pronounced dead at the scene of the crash that took place around 6:30 p.m.

Witnesses claim the man was driving erratically and speeding.

According to police, the man was wearing a helmet. The bike was described as a Suzuki touring model.

When it comes to accidents, the risks are high for anyone on a motorcycle. In fact, motorcycle collisions are 30 times more likely to result in death than car accidents. Motorcycle accidents can cause severe injuries and even with protective gear, a biker can still be harmed. Motorcycle accidents often result in a wide range of catastrophic injuries, including fractures, brain injuries, spinal cord damage and serious burn injuries. A motorcycle collision can easily lead to a fatality due to the fact that motorcycles offer limited protection to their riders and are generally less visible to other drivers.

One of the best ways to avoid a fatal motorcycle crash in Citrus County is to take the time to get educated and trained on how to ride properly. Some of the ways to best prepare yourself for the open road include:

• Obtaining a License. All motorcyclists must have a motorcycle license or permit. This is strictly for your safety, so do not attempt to ride without one.

• Get Proper Training. Make sure you educate yourself on how to safely maneuver your bike on and off the road. Familiarize yourself with all the traffic laws. Once you have learned the laws, take a course to help build your riding skills.

• Be Visible. Try to stay out of blind spots and invest in bright-colored riding gear. Doing so can help you to stand out a bit more.

• Practice Makes Perfect. Practice what you have learned in low-traffic areas before jumping right in to heavily congested areas. Once you have gained more experience as a rider, you will be able to handle yourself better in high-traffic areas.

While these tips may help prevent a motorcycle crash, they do not ensure your safety. If you or someone you love has been involved in a motorcycle accident in Citrus County, contact the Citrus County Motorcycle Accident Attorneys at Whittel & Melton online or call us at 352-726-0078.

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