Anti-lock Brakes May Reduce Crystal River Motorcycle Accidents


The Highway Loss Data Institute recently conducted a study that looked at motorcycle accident insurance claims and found that anti-lock brakes drastically reduced the risk for an accident among all bikers, especially new riders.

According to HLDI, motorcycles outfitted with anti-lock braking systems compensate for errors that novice riders might make when traversing the open road, resulting in fewer accidents. In fact, the study found that new motorcyclists are 30 percent less likely to become involved in an accident when they ride a motorcycle with ABS brakes.

freeimage-6742824.jpgA study performed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that motorcycles featuring anti-lock brakes appeared to be 37 percent less likely to crash. Furthermore, motorcycles with ABS brakes had 22 percent less damages claims per vehicle year than the same models that do not have anti-lock brakes.

So, how do ABS brakes work to prevent collisions? When a biker hits the brakes, there is a chance that the wheels could lock, causing a rider to be ejected from the bike and suffer serious injuries or even death. Bikes with anti-lock brakes can prevent the wheels from locking in this manner, ultimately reducing the risk for an accident. ABS brakes sense when a wheel is about to stop rotating and prevents any kind of lock up by automatically releasing the brake pressure.

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