Woman Injured After 30-Foot Fall Into Cave


Lecanto, FL – A woman was injured Friday evening after falling 30 feet into a cave in the Withlacoocheee State Forest.

A team from the Citrus County Fire Rescue arrived at the Lecanto cave to find the woman trapped.

Engine 181 from Sugarmill Woods in conjunction with Tech Rescue 71, State Forestry and Nature Coast EMS initiated rescue operations and extricated the woman from the cave and transferred her to the care of Nature Coast EMS.

Engine 31 from Homosassa provided a landing zone for medical air support, which allowed the patient to be airlifted to Bayonet Point Regional Medical Center in Hudson.

1185312_ghost_cave_.jpgSlips, trips and falls may sound like minor accidents, and while they certainly can be, they can often result in pretty devastating injuries and in certain cases death. Slip and fall accidents can lead to broken bones, head injuries, neck and back problems and many more serious injuries. When a fall occurs from a height, the injuries suffered can be disabling and possibly life-threatening. If a fall is caused by another person’s negligence, the injury victim should speak with a premises liability lawyer to learn more about their legal rights and options.

It is important to note that not every slip and fall accident is someone else’s fault. However, if a dangerous condition located on another person’s property resulted in your injuries, you may have a strong claim. In the state of Florida, anyone who invites guests to visit their property has a duty to make sure their property is reasonably safe. If an unsafe condition arises, it should be fixed in a timely fashion. If for some reason, the problem cannot be fixed immediately, a warning sign should be posted clearly. Failure to maintain a safe property can result in a premises liability lawsuit.

If you or someone you love has been hurt on someone else’s property, you should call a Citrus County Slip and Fall Accident Attorney at Whittel & Melton today for a free, no-obligation consultation at 352-726-0078. We can help you recover fair compensation for your injuries.


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