Courtroom Secrets Kept from Juries in Car Accident Injury Trials


1238452_more_questions.jpgInverness, Florida – Juries are often kept in the dark about certain things that could affect their decisions regarding auto accident injury lawsuits. Most of these rules only benefit the insurance company, and not those actually injured. That is why if you have been injured in a car accident, it is vital to consult with an injury attorney not only familiar with these courtroom policies, but who knows which rules can be bypassed so that a good portion of your case can be presented to the jury.

One surprising fact is that attorneys and judges are prohibited from telling the jury whether or not the at-fault driver has insurance and if so, how much. Why? Because insurance companies believe the jury will determine a much larger award against an insurance company than against the at-fault driver. This is done to be fair. In fact, the civil justice system does not want the defendant’s actions taken into consideration when determining damages because fault should technically not be an issue. The goal of the system is to allow a victim to obtain just compensation for their injuries, not scrutinize the defendant’s wrongdoings.

Unfortunately, the jury does not always see the system this way. In most cases, the insurance company paints a picture that the victim is trying to take away money from the defendant, when the reality is that the at-fault party will not have to pay any of the damages out of their own pocket. The insurance company’s money will pay the damages, but members of the jury do not know this for sure. They are not likely to award the full and fair amount of compensation to a victim when they believe the at-fault driver will have to personally cover these costs themselves.

It is important to realize that if an injury case makes it to trial, the defendant usually has insurance. The injury victim and their lawyer would not likely pursue a claim if it was not certain that an insurance company could cover the damages.

While hiding whether the defendant has insurance or not may keep the jury from knowing everything about your injury claim, the Citrus County Injury Attorneys at Whittel & Melton are not afraid to stand up against the insurance company and fight for your rights. We are prepared to work hard to make sure that your story is translated effectively and convincingly to the jury.

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