CPSC Reminds Everyone of Cold Weather-Related Products Recalled Last Summer

Dunnellon, FL – The winter season has officially hit, and by this point, even Floridians have hauled out their cold weather products and packed their summer items away until warmer months arrive.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission knows that recalls don’t always gain widespread recognition because of the time of year they are issued. That is why the CPSC issued an announcement last week addressing recalled items for the winter that may have gone unnoticed because the recall was issued in July.

232593_oil_heater.jpgThe recalled products and their problems are listed below:

1. ECHO Bear Cat log splitters – The end cap of the log splitter’s hydraulic cylinder can detach from the body of the log splitter, posing an impact hazard to the person using the product or those standing near it.

2. Big Lots Portable Ceramic Space Heaters – These space heaters could overheat and melt, which poses a real threat for a fire or electric shock hazard.

3. Harbor Breeze Bath Fans with Heater and Light – The issue with this fan is that the heater blades do not always rotate properly, which can cause the fan to overheat and creates a fire hazard.

4. Snowpulse Avalanche Airbags – A leak in the airbag’s cartridge can result in the airbag not deploying, posing a risk of death and injury in the event of an avalanche.

In the state of Florida, any person that has been injured as a result of a dangerous or defective product has the right to recover damages from the designer, manufacturer or retailer of the hazardous product. Depending on the type of defect that caused a person’s injury, a product liability claim can be filed against the designer, manufacturer or retailer. A product liability claim can arise from the following product defects:

Design Defect: This can be caused by a mistake in the design process of the item.

Manufacturing Defect: When a manufacturing defect occurs, it is usually caused by an error in the manufacturing process that may only affect a certain amount of products, and not necessarily the entire lot.

Warning Defect: Product manufacturers must adequately warn consumers of all potential hazards associated with the product. If a manufacturer fails to warn users of all dangers associated with using the product, serious personal injuries can arise.

Sadly, many defective products are not recalled until someone has suffered a physical injury or damage to their property as a result of the unsafe item. Product manufacturers are required by law to perform comprehensive safety tests of their products before selling them to the public. However, safety testing is often rushed in order to place the product on the market in a timely fashion.

If you or someone you love has been harmed by a defective product, contact a Citrus County Injury Lawyer at Whittel & Melton today. We are dedicated to helping you recover maximum compensation for your injuries that are a direct result of an unsafe product. We can make sure you understand your legal rights and options. Contact us online or call 352-726-0078 for a free legal consultation of your injury claim.

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