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Making the decision to place your loved one in a nursing home is a huge decision, and one that many Citrus County residents face every year. It can be a daunting task to select the best place to move your loved one to and make sure that they get the best possible medical care.

If you are facing this tough choice currently, then our Citrus County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers at Whittel & Melton recommend that you do your homework on these facilities as the care provided can vary greatly from one facility to another.

Medicare has a ranking system for all nursing homes, hospitals, and other providers for the entire country. Their ranking system is based on staffing, quality measures, and health inspections and based on these findings, a facility is given between one and five stars – one being the lowest and five being the highest. If you are interested in seeing where a facility you are interested in falls on the Medicare rankings, you can view them by visiting the Medicare site here.

Another factor that may sway your decision is whether or not your insurance is taken at the facility. Most nursing homes accept a wide range of health insurance plans, but some only accept certain types. When you are shopping around for the right nursing home, you can ask about what insurance plans they accept as well as other payment options.

wrist-watch-ga9fedbe05_1920-300x125Perhaps the most important thing to do when selecting the right nursing home for a loved one is to visit them in person. Go visit these facilities and take tours. Have a list of questions ready for staff members and take your own notes when visiting. You will want to see what options of activities are available for residents, room designs, the level of care and attention the staff provides to residents, housing preferences, and the facility’s relationships with doctors and hospitals. You can make a scheduled tour through the nursing home and we also recommend popping in unexpectedly to experience the home as it is on a typical day where you are not expected.

If you are placing a loved one in a nursing home in the immediate future, then we strongly recommend that you visit your loved one often and irregularly so that your arrival is not anticipated. There are many studies out there that suggest that the best care is given to residents in nursing homes that have frequent visitors. Likewise, regular appearances will allow you to quickly spot any red flags of possible nursing home neglect or abuse.

If you need help with filing a claim against a nursing home or assisted living facility that you suspect is mistreating residents, we urge you to call our Citrus County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers at Whittel & Melton right away at 352-726-0078 or contact us online for a free consultation. We can help you in Crystal River, Inverness, Beverly Hills, Citrus Springs, Floral City Homosassa, Lecanto, Dunnellon, Hernando, and Sugarmill Woods.


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