One Killed in Crystal River Single Vehicle Crash


One person was killed early Monday in a single-vehicle crash in Crystal River.

The crash occurred just before 4 a.m. on north Citrus Avenue at W Tom Mason Drive.

Troopers believe the vehicle struck a tree and caught fire.

The victim was the only occupant of the vehicle.

No further information regarding the collision is available at this time.

While it is unknown what caused this crash, single vehicle car accidents are often the result of the vehicle being run off the road. More than three out of every 10 fatal car accidents across the United States every year are directly associated with what is called “run off the road” collisions. These accidents are usually caused when the car hits some type of fixed object, including guardrails, the median, debris, or like in this case, a tree.

Any driver or passenger that has suffered an injury following a crash needs to enlist the help of an experienced auto accident attorney as quickly as possible. Crucial evidence at the scene needs to be gathered after the accident, especially if roadway debris is involved. Moreover, witnesses of the accident usually play a vital role in a single vehicle accident claim. It could be found that the motorist was involved in a single vehicle collision because of the negligent actions of other drivers.

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