Stay Safe this Fourth of July


More house fires occur over the Fourth of July weekend than at any other time during the year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Likewise, more burn injuries happen during this time as well. This Fourth of July, help protect the safety of those you love and your home and belongings by focusing on fireworks safety.

The NFPA recommends skipping backyard fireworks entirely and just attending a professional show. However, the National Council on Fireworks Safety says that it is possible to make backyard fireworks a fun and safe part of your Independance Day celebrations. If you are planning to set off fireworks on the Fourth, please keep these tips in mind:

  • Know the Laws. Review state and local laws about fireworks so you can ensure your display follows them. Consumers who do not possess a special permit for fireworks in Florida are only able to use fireworks that fall into the category known as “sparklers.” This includes items more commonly known as: Sparklers, Fountains, Snakes and Glow Worms. Make sure to read all the information on the packaging for the fireworks you purchase, and brush up on fireworks safety practices so you can better protect your home and loved ones. If you are not sure whether a particular firework is approved for consumer use, the Florida Fire Marshall publishes a full list of legal sparklers each year.
  • An Adult Should Always Supervise. A responsible adult should be supervising all activities that involve fireworks. Children should be kept at a safe distance from the place where fireworks will be lit, and another responsible adult or adults should be designated to supervise them.
  • Have a Plan Set in Place in Case of Emergency. Before you light off any type of fireworks, make sure you have a spot chosen that is clear and a good distance away from buildings, trees and other flammable items. Have a fire extinguisher or bucket of water nearby before you begin lighting fireworks. It is also suggested to have a first aid kit and charged cell phone nearby as these items can become lifesavers in an emergency.

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From all of us at Whittel & Melton, have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

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